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Looking to start working out but don’t know how to start? Here are some quick tips for you:

TIP 1: Start with finding your WHY

Step one. Some people forget the first and most important step. Why are you showing up? Is it so you can look like the next fitness model- probably not but if so good for you (seriously). Maybe it’s to Have better vitals before your next doctor’s visit. It might even be increasing your stamina so you can play outside with your grandkids longer. The important thing here is you figure out what you’re wanting to attain with your health. Things you want to be better at. This is what builds a long-lasting program.

TIP 2: Walk daily or do an activity that gets you moving

Cardio helps circulation, increases stamina, faster recovery, and even releases endorphins 💪🏼 they say a healthy dog is a healthy family. Get your daily walk-in with your dog or without. Start small and build up to a 30 minutes steady state (confidently maintaining your speed at one pace). That’s called an aerobic base. Once you have that mastered you can progress to low levels of intervals and more fun torturous progressions from there.

TIP 3: Lift weights

Yes, even if your goal is to get up off the ground easier you should still lift weights. Yes, old people can gain muscle mass too. Interesting facts for why you should do it- it’s the MOST efficient way to increase bone density when on land. Water workouts don’t do the same because you’re taking gravity away from the load. The more muscle mass you build the more you increase the number of calories you burn resting (resting metabolic rate). This is why we recommend weight training to an exercise program.

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