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When Physical Therapy Isn't Enough

Through years of experience helping patients transition from physical or occupational therapy to optimal functionality, MVP Fitness found a much-needed niche that has allowed them to stand apart from their competitors.

Once an orthopedic surgery has been performed, patients typically only receive 1-2 weeks of home health therapy followed by 6-12 weeks of outpatient physical or occupational therapy in the clinic setting. Once the patient reaches a certain range of motion or has achieved “semi-normal” function, no further therapy is paid for by insurance companies. The patient is left to find a way to progress on their own. It’s a dilemma many orthopedic patients face that does not allow for optimum healing and functional outcomes.

Surgeries involving the knees, hips, shoulders, or back often take a full year to be considered fully healed and truly functional. The affected or surgical side of the patient is often weaker than the healthy or non-surgical side. Once patients are discharged from physical or occupational therapy it is common for them to begin to lose range of motion and strength.

This is where MVP Fitness steps in. We provide a cash service that fills care gap issues often experienced by orthopedic patients. Our team provides a trusted continuum of care by talking directly with therapists about the care you have received and the best next steps to advance you into a gym setting. Once you are in our gym, we will lead you through routines tailored to your unique needs to increase crucial strength and function to achieve a full recovery. Our goal at MVP Fitness in providing the best orthopedic exercises in Kansas City is to help guide you back to your pre-surgery state and pain-free life!